My name’s William Lewis. I have plenty of goals I hope to achieve in my life, but my greatest ambition is to become a professional 3D Animator.

I first started animating in high school using little stick figures I produced in Adobe Flash. Despite their simplicity, I realized that I wasn’t too bad at animation. I started doing more and more 2D animation until I had to pick where I wanted to go for college. Though I had deep adoration for animation, I was well aware of my inability to draw and I let that fact hinder me from taking a program catering to that discipline.

During my time in a Game Development program in college, I had my chance to try out 3D animation and I loved it. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed doing it in high school, and how I quit because of my drawings. Thankfully, 3D animation didn’t require that I draw to bring characters to life, so my passion was renewed. Today, people in my program hand me models that then I rig, skin, and animate. Tomorrow, I hope to come closer to my dream and continue doing this in a professional capacity—there’s nothing I’d rather do!

Other Interests…

Game Design
Game design is an area of interest to me. I don’t look at it like a role where I’m just a guy coming up with ideas, though; I recognize that it’s more than that. It’s about strategically planning out what works and what doesn’t work within the context of a given game.

Making tough decisions and ensuring that the end product meets everyone’s expectations is what I truly enjoy about game design. I’ve had a decent amount of impact on the design of games that I‘ve been involved in, and I’ve always learned from their outcomes and considered how they turned out whenever I design something new.

Composing video game music is another of my passions. And although it’s more of a hobby of mine than anything else, trying to make something that others could enjoy is all the motive I need to continue.

Rigging & Skinning
Of my interests outside of animation, I especially enjoy rigging and skinning. Plenty of people claim it’s a boring and tedious process, but I find setting up the bones and adding weight to vertices is a relaxing job that I could do for hours. It’s definitely something that I could see myself doing in the future.

UV Production
Last but not least, I like setting up the UVs on 3D models. Though I don’t do the texturing, I enjoy cutting up the polygons so that they can be coloured and textured without difficulty.


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